The Empirical Stalemate

On one side you have the secular humanists (atheists), some agnostics–although they really don’t have a dog in this fight–and over there, not standing too close to them and looking around uncomfortably, are the religious who don’t understand how the theory of evolution and Genesis chapter one are mutually exclusive.

On the other side you have old school creationists (Six real-time literal days), and relativity minded Christians who point out things like time is not a constant and the speed of light might not be feeling as swift as it used to either.  Add to this group the new kids in the neighborhood–the intelligent design crowd.  These folks are non-religious, but believe that the universe displays unmistakable signs of an intelligent author.  They are also considered thinly disguised creationist spies almost universally by the secular humanists.

For the sake of my theme here, we’ll put aside for  now the folks who have been running around the world for the last hundred and fifty years, trying to dig up the mythical unicorn missing link.  Also we won’t get into the apparent circular reasoning of the Biblical scholars who say they can prove the Bible is God’s word by using the information contained in the Bible.  Both are built on prepackaged assumptions.

Just the facts ma’am.  Or more to the point, just the empirical scientific information concerning the nature and structure of the universe.  Empirical information infers knowledge gained by means of observation, experience, or experiment.

Okay, both sides listen up.  Looking at the empirical data and the arguments on both sides objectively, there is only one inescapable conclusion: INCONCLUSIVE.

Yeah, yeah, you’re both going to come at me with all kinds of proof based on fitting the  data into your preconceived conclusions.  Yes I know there are amazing tiny molecular factories that couldn’t be the product of evolution, and yes Richard, I’ve seen your greatest show on earth and I know it just looks like it was designed.  Stop it, both of you!

There are no evolution facts.  The secular humanist arguments are all built on the shifty sand-like substance called presupposition.  Same with the creationist side from a purely empirical viewpoint.  Forget all that, I didn’t come here for a debate! I came here to ask one question.  It doesn’t even matter if  you don’t agree with anything I’ve written so far.

To my secular humanist friends, what if you’re right?

Yes I know you know you’re right, but what if you’re right? Have you really stopped to consider what that means?  Through history, the Pascal’s wager type questions–What if there really is a God after all?– have been extensively explored, but the alternative, not so much.

So what if you are right?

Let’s say, somehow we discover undisputed, conclusive, slam dunk evidence that all this just happened accidentally.  That we are just a mistake in the cosmic nothingness.  So after you pop the corks from the champagne bottles, taunt the religious morons (“Nanny nanny boo boo, we were right and you were wrong!”) and sing We are the Champions what then?

Yay! Now we know that this life is all there is, such as it is. We can relax and wait for oblivion.  Hallelujah, we won! Praise…nobody.

So you wasted all that time and energy debating on the side of, for all practical purposes, cosmic doom.  You grew up, went to school, made friends, fell in love, had good times, had bad times, maybe even had kids.

For what?

mk out.

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