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What They Don’t Want You To Know

You’re checking out your Facebook page, scrolling through fascinating posts like “I’m brushing my teeth,” or “Guess what’s my favorite song from High School Musical” which, to you, would be like saying,  “As my favorite instrument of torture, I’m torn … Continue reading

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The Empirical Stalemate

On one side you have the secular humanists (atheists), some agnostics–although they really don’t have a dog in this fight–and over there, not standing too close to them and looking around uncomfortably, are the religious who don’t understand how the … Continue reading

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They were in a struggle for the hearts and minds of the peasantry.  The hated opposition was gaining ground steadily.  Researchers were working feverishly round the clock on a new doomsday weapon to replace the aging and increasingly less effective … Continue reading

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You must read this blog!

If you want to keep up with the latest thoughts, opinions, and wisdom of MKsmash you must read this blog! If you are concerned about the state of the world and want to know what MKsmash thinks you should do … Continue reading

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